December 23, 2006

Got a new toy last week: an Averatec laptop. So far so good, it's nice to have my own computer to install apps on. I must admit that I've been pirating again, of course only the essentials. Seriously, it's all been stuff that I've wanted for several months that local libraries don't carry. As if that justifies it

A year ago I had 8 machines, a week ago I had none. Getting rid of my last laptop was a mistake but an interesting experience. I know that for the rest of my life I will be surrounded by computers as they are a passion, necessity and a living for me. So going 2 months without a computer was nice but difficult. Email was a pain, I had to log into every site I haunt every time I visited them.

Combined with Skype this will be a method of communication between and my lady while I'm in Hawaii and she says back to take care of the dogs.

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Make your time

It's Saturday, we leave for SWIM on Monday, and Hawaii on the 9th. I haven't packed for either. As of this writing I'm incredibly tired and hungry. I'm done.

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December 22, 2006

Mission Accomplished

My time in Seattle with Tribe Bazuzi is over. It has been for a month now. I've been updating this as I remembered, it's now as complete as it'll get. This does not include household duties like children nor does it include the experience gained. There are no details of the tremendous joys or hardships or the repercussions.

Things I've done:
2nd tongue piercing
Marilyn Monroe card wallet
3 burlesque shows
Outkast Laser Show
Wired Jay's house with grounded romex, speaker, coax, phone, ethernet and spare
Grown a beard
Braille rock garden

Bands we've seen:
Joan Jett
Del the funky Homosapien
Mike Relm
Frank Black

December 18, 2006

December 10, 2006

Arching is not yoga

While I was in Seattle I took an Archery class, briefly mentioned before.

It lasted about 3 months, once a week for 3 hours. I began as a novice and ended a competent archer. I am now able to point out mistakes in the Weatherman. So proud am I.
I met David and Bill "bo" who turned out to be some some great friends.

This entire post is really just build up to a picture.

Of me.
Two arrows.
At the same time.

November 30, 2006


Tuesday my family ended their vacations. I helped everyone get to the airport.
My route:

Woke up at 7:30 am, left from Home to drive to Westminster to pick up my aunt.
Then to RIC int'l aiport to drop her off.
Then to Glen Allen to pick up my Brother and his family.
Then back to RIC to drop them off.
Then back to Glen Allen to pick up my truck.

On my way back home I got a flat tire.

Mapquest doesn't support linking to a trip planner, but here is the highlight:

Distance: 104.15 miles

November 13, 2006

Virginia is for Losers

Virginia has had a rough string of incidents recently. Here are three.

1. Henry County Police officers arresting dealers, stealing their crop and reselling it to their community. A good friend is from Basset, his response:
Yeah my dad was the only guy of authority on his
floor this morning that
wasnt in custody......
go dad........

2. Mr Utin was arrested for sexing it up with a minor. When I moved from the Blacksburg New School to the public school in 6th grade, of the 12 kids in my class 10 went to Mr Utin. This was a planned event by their parents and for some reason I wasn't included. I went to the Pavlik-Glaser teacher team and the smart kid went to smart teacher. The house we lived in when my I was in middle school was about 4 blocks from his house, he had beautiful gardens.

3. Last on the list for Virginia is Morva. A kid I grew up with in Blacksburg, he lived in my house for a winter, he ate my food and used my toilet paper. He never wore shoes or held a job. He loved to argue and got angry quickly. He laughed very loud and couldn't stand society. One day I woke up with a voice mail from a Christiansburg detective. Now he's an attempted robber and cop killer.

November 12, 2006

I'm just full of links today

Pass around girl.


Clearly this is the best part of the article. The cruelest way to begin:

Be not too liberal; it doth belong to dogs alone to fuck the whole day long."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

(only a single quotation mark is used, it's not my mistake)

V for Grievances

This is neat, V comes to America.

November 4, 2006

good news

I got a phone call and an email yesterday:

Well, folks... she's back. As I lay down at midnight last night I heard
her outside my window. Lyle stepped out and called her and she came right in and
headed for the food. She is much thinner, actually she looks good. She is very
needing of attention...and kept me awake banging her head into my face. We'll
keep an eye on her and take her to the vet, if she shows any signs of illness or
damage.. SO, send me a list of the things we need to do to send her to Hawaii. I
think she'll probably stay around now... I hope.

Love to send good
news.. Sue

October 31, 2006


I applied for Adsense to put google ads on my blog. Why not? If any of the suckers that read my blog accidentally click one of them, well then I just made a nickle!

Here's what they wrote:
Hello batman,
Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after
reviewing your application, we're unable to accept you into Google
AdSense at this time.

We did not approve your application for the reasons listed below.


- Adult content
Further detail:

Adult content: Currently, only Google ads that we classify as
family-safe are available through the AdSense program. We've found your
site to be predominantly adult or mature in nature. Therefore, we're
unable to display relevant ads on your site. Please review our policies
( for a complete list
of site content not allowed on web pages.

October 25, 2006

Structured Cable

My brother and I started running some cable last Saturday.

I went in the crawl space because I have experience doing it for ASR, who ungraciously employed me for four months.

We have 7 runs to do and we're moving the wiring closet from the cat room to under the stairs. We're also replacing the current wiring that runs outside of the house. While Cat5e is supposed to handle this kind of exposure, I think it's a terrible idea. It can get wet, moldy, attacked by animals or children.

During the trip down, I relearned several lessons that I'd forgotten. Here is my advice if you plan to do some yourself.

1. Don't bring anything you don't need.
2. Bring a flash light or two.
3. Take everything out of your pockets that you won't need: wallet, cigarettes etc. see #1
4. Know exactly where the run starts and ends
5. Wear clothes you don't care about
6. Bring a walkie talkie and stay in communication
7. Verify all drilling with someone standing on the floor above you. Have them stay there until you finish drilling.
8. Combine as many runs as possible, making fewer trips.

Other thoughts include sticking with a plan. Decide on one naming scheme for all your wires and stick with it. Nothing is more infuriating than terminating 7 runs that're all labeled differently.

We're about half way done with the runs and it looks like some of the speaker cable we bought is too short. The hard runs are done though and the cables in the crawl space look tidy. I'm proud of this.

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October 20, 2006


Sorry, no checkered flag this time. You didn't win, this time you came in last. You're going home alone. The lights are out, the bed is cold. Your home is quiet. Goodnight. You know you won't sleep well, and you probably wont' wake up.

currently spinning: traffic and a hard drive.

October 18, 2006

sad news

My cat is missing. She's currently in the mountains of NC and I'm powerless to do anything about it where I am.

I give her lots of space emotionally, I always think she'll come home, I try to let her make her own decisions as often as I can. I'm usually not worried when she runs off for a day or two but at this point she's been gone two weeks.
I'm really tired of the east coast swallowing my animals. Cy was taken in Richmond earlier this year, and now Merlot in NC.

She's my baby and I miss her.

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October 14, 2006


I love the library. The public libraries here have a decent selecting of CDs and DVDs. They're also connected to all the other libraries in the area, so you can order something from another and in a few days it'll show up at the local branch. I try to go once a week to pick out some music.
Finds so far:
Monkees television show discs one and five.
Casino Royale
The Humanist. A strange Korean movie.

The other public service I really enjoy is the bus.
It's cheap, it's reliable, and I don't have to worry about traffic too much. I can just sit and read or listen to music, except that I never bring either. The view inside the bus is usually just as interesting as outside. Often I can hear three of four different languages, lots of technology, trade secrets and lots of other neat stuff.

Some things, the government does get right.

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I think the joke is that the databse the spell checker on my blog uses does not include the word blogs. It also doen't include the singular: blog.


I like to think of my self as creative and original. The problem I have is that when I see someone else' good idea I get really annoyed that I didn't think of it first. It's a great idea, I want to do it also, but I don't want to be unoriginal. It's too easy to copy cat someone else and claim credit for it. It's a real challenge to invent and create something new.

I read several people's blogs, and they're great and wonderful to keep in touch with my friends. Some of them have interesting posts, which I think are a great idea. I want to copy them. Perhaps imitation is the greatest form of flattery there is, or it could be that I'm low down and dirty and I can't think for myself.

What really started me on this path of not wanting to copy others was something my dad said years ago when I was still in middle school. He said that if you look up to someone else, hold them as a hero, then you lose something of yourself. Those aren't his exact words, but the idea is that idolizing someone removes confidence in yourself, which is what got those people stature in the first place.
At the time I didn't really understand what this meant, I read it as "don't look up to anyone." So I tried very heard not to have a hero. No one to copy. And what happened was... holy shit. I gained confidence, I made jokes, I made something new, others looked up to me....

So when I find something I'm envious of, like a friend doing something I think I should've thought of first,I have to remind myself to use it as a fuel to come up with something even better, something even more creative and funny. Also, that just because they thought of it first does not mean that what I will think of won't also be good.

I want to celebrate my friends' creativity. I'm very proud of all the things they do.

October 11, 2006

doing average things.

there is one local seattlelite that isn't a douche. The guy that ate the bugs out of my hair deserves a favor from someone really hot.

thumbs down to the showbox staff for being indifferent.
thumbs up to Dick's. Who allowed me processed white flour and deep fried food at 1:30a like I had in RVA.
Thumbs pointed inward to the guy I gave one of my cheeseburgers to.

getting nervous about moving to HI.

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September 30, 2006

friend is a four letter word

At one point this week I'd reached such a low that I felt the world closing me off. So I decided to close it the rest of the way. I barely talked to my lady, I decided not to call any of my friends and wait for them to call me. I dedicated myself to the work in front of me.

Besides my screaming fans, I was alone for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It gave me great perspective on my relationship with my friends. Because finally someone called. It was of course K12 that finally rang and brightened my life.

I used to think people made the best friends. Now I know it's actually kevin.

Runs well with Scissors

I had the house to myself for the first time since we arrived in Seattle. Sweet delicious solitude just over 2 months coming.

NIN flying through the speakers, the kitchen looks fabulous. Time to take on the cast irons. Heat on high, just enough water to loosen the foodstuffs. Looking clean, drain, keep temp on high and add bacon fat.
I should go watch some pr0n. Turn music down, turn off lights and I'm in the TV room. Nubile younglings at work...

what's that smell?
ah yes, the smoking cast irons in the kitchen. As I remove both pans from the stove the eyes start smoking. Twice as much smoke! and the kitchen window is open, the cool night air delivering the smoke to the entire house.
I guess there is a reason I haven't been alone in 2 months.

September 29, 2006

Nerd today, rich tomorrow

I'm taking a class that lends itself easily to the enrollment of dorks. I don't mind, these are the kids I grew up with, but I no longer feel part of their crowd. They're still playing AD&D, LARPing and debating the newest console games. I never owned a console.

But damn if these guys aren't adorable. There was a bald man wearing a Tshirt bearing the name of this post, a kid with a lisp, a girl with a frumpy butt and frumpy tits who was sweet but makes stupid jokes. The instructor carries the personality of the geek. Obvious statementes are hilarious with these people.

I miss a shot. The response: "Aim higher!" Followed by snickering and a little bit of actual laughter.

Tonight and for the next few weeks I will have a lisp due to my recent piercing. The kid with the natural lisp heard me speaking and joined my group, I suppose feeling some sort of connection because of our impediments. Lisps frustrate me and are just about the cutest thing that can come out of anyone's mouth. Sounds like a child talking, everytime..

September 19, 2006

Don't let it out!

The first three ingredients are sugar.

After dinner, the kid wanted a treat. He had been looking forward to it the whole time. The dad explained that the kid could not have any sugar based on behavior last time the child had sugar. The child threw a tantrum and was very upset with the dad.
Leaving the kid with his mom, the dad went to run an errand. While the dad was gone the mom, feeling frustrated with the tantrum throwing child told the kid he could have a treat if he went inside and asked for it. That if got over his shyness of strangers and earned the candy she would justify him having it.

What I saw was the mom showing the child that whatever dad said would be second to what the mom said. That if the child was enough of a pain in the ass, he could convince mom to give in. The kid had the candy and was an even bigger pain in the ass.

Because of sugar,
because he beat dad.

Dad has no authority. Mom has no authority. The kid is a bully.

September 12, 2006

Southbound pachyderm

We went to the Zoo yesterday. We took my almost 5yr old nephew with us but he was mostly bored. I was thrilled to see all these exotic animals that I would normally never be able to see, like elephants and tigers.
The orangutan were the worst part of the whole trip. We saw one wearing a sack around its shoulders, like a cape. It looked bored. My nephew made a sound loud enough for it to hear, the orangutan looked up and its eyes looks so sad. It must be so bored and lonely. And how creepy must it be to have 3 or 400 people walk by your house and gawk and squeal at seeing you. If the situations were reversed, I know that I'd be wigged out living in an enclosed area and having 300 monkeys look at me everyday. I guess that fear will be a reality one day.

September 6, 2006

I can't see shit

A few days ago my nephew and I set out to create a marker for the people driving on our driveway.

The decision was to make something in Braille. So we spelled Sex. I guess the joke is that blind people probably won't be able to tell what it says with their feet and also that blind won't be driving.

If the really cute girl that walked by and smiled at us is reading this: come over.

August 29, 2006

Hey mother, father dreamer.

Just came into possession of three Journey albums, labeled
Time 1
Time 2
Time 3
I'm not certain about the titles, but damn this music is awesome. It inspired me to write an email to my radio friend.
SWEET god greg. why didn't you tell me Journey was so FUCKING AWESME?

thank yo uand goodnight.

I saw invincible last night and while the movie was pretty boring, the music just kicked ass. The film had a lot of emphasis on the color filters used in filming to add a nostalgic feeling to the good ol' 1970s. I wonder if they knew how much their music kicked ass. I also wonder why so much of the music these days sucks so hard.

August 27, 2006


The misses and I fired up the old $1.25 for the bus yesterday morning and headed to PAX to see the g33ks, nerds and the Front. Wild eyed and a little nervous, I walked up the first flight of stairs in the convention hall. At the table at the top was none other than McF and his mother. He was very kind and so was his mother (she helped my lady try on shirts until finding one that fit well). I was able to get him to sign a dollar bill, I shook his hand and we were on our way.

Although this was the 3rd PAX and the biggest yet, there was quite a bit of chaos. So very many people were stressed out, Enforcers were indifferent and on the move. There were not enough computers, consoles or vendors to keep everyone occupied. Lines for the consoles were 45 minutes for 30 minutes of game play.

The lines for the games didn't bother me too much, I'm pretty much retired from gaming and I'm certainly not up on the newest games by any stretch. What did bother me was the vendors and the clips for the newest games. The previews for the new games once again didn't show any actual game footage, only cut scenes. As we all know, cutscenes are not the game.
As for the games I actually got to sample, well, I don't remember the names of them. In fact I never got the name of the in the beginning to forget. NVIDIA had a table with 10 or so machines each with a different game, all demonstrating the wonderful powers of their newest cards. However, they didn't have any labels stating the names of either the games or the specific model cards they were running. It could've been a really great chance for people to test out the new cards with the newest games to see if that's what they wanted. But with no information about what was running, it was very difficult to make any decisions.

Vendors were there only to sell. No real discussion of their product, only buzzwords. Plus I didn't win one of the fancy new cards. bleh.

August 1, 2006

Don't you snap at me, unless you want an angry solid gold dancer on your hands

Heading to SUUSI for a week was a wonderful time, one of the best I can remember in a long time. The last night being quite strange. After dancing for about 20 minutes or so, I was asked to put my shirt back because I was hitting the trigger of several of the teens also dancing. Despite deliberately dancing in the dark corner with my back to the crowd and my eyes closed I somehow threatened the bump and grinding dry humping 15 year olds. I was making them uncomfortable.

After the tweens left at midnight they had no excuse, there are no rules regarding shirts on guys. So I returned to the dance floor with wild abandon and danced twice as hard, sweated thrice as much and cut the rug once more. I danced for 2 hours as much i could. I had to take a few breaks, but did my best to stay in the ring. Several redeeming points included Angel, one of the Teen Staffers, running at me full force and grinding against me. Infront of all her teens to show them what pussies they had become. She has a wonderfully large booty and I felt vindicated when one of their leaders was dry humping me in the middle of them.

I will also commend Meredith for the blood curdling look she gave me when I told her of the situation. She looked at though she would cut whoever had asked me to reclothe. She kicks ass.

Zidane ftw

After finishing my job, we moved in to Mrs. Sandy's mom's house for a week. Where within 3 days returned to the point we were in before we moved out. Her mom, her brother, her and me. The world cup served as a focal point of discussion and sanity for those long sweaty days.

Then to NC which turned out to be a blur. It began with a watermelon full of everclear and endured with a case after case of beer and bars.

July 29, 2006


Santorum (san-TOR-um) n.
1. the frothy mixture of lube and fecal matter that is sometimes the byproduct of anal sex

For reference:

At SUUSI one of the best workshops I've ever participated in was a Santorum Slip n Slide.

1. 100ft of plastic sheeting. We used 2mm thick, I recommend 4mm. From Lowes.
2. One gallon of Lube purchased from The Lubery.
3. Two 1/2 gallon bottles of Chocolate Syrup from Hersheys.
4. 10 lbs bucket of warm water.
5. bottle of dish soap.

Thank you Senator for one of the best nights of my life.

June 20, 2006

the end is extremely fucking nigh

I turned in my two week notice yesterday morning. I'm working every day until the end though. Eitherway. see ya SUCKAS.

I'm out.

June 2, 2006

Is that your two cents worth, Worth?

Finally someone linked this again on a forum I visit. The numbers from LOST are example of Numbers Station transmissions.

What it really reminds me of is of a concept discussed in the Cube. Specifically that a society or industry can become so chaotic, so big with such momentum that every option is advanced. Machines get built because they can, but not because they're needed. Every idea is researched, every prototype made. But because society and industry have become so big, it is easy for projects to slip through and be forgotton about. Funding will suddenly cease, a disgruntled person will not care enough to wrap up all the loose ends of an unfinished job. These archaic occurences continue without any oversight and the documentation for them is easily lost.

A quote from the point the movie I'm talking about
It (the world) is all a headless blunder functioning under the illusion of a master plan. Can you grasp that, Holloway? Big Brother is not watching you

A very small example of this happen at work this week. A trucker decided to take an access road out of the plant instead of the main road like everyone else. He of course got stuck when he got ot the end and the gate was locked. The lock that held the gate was locked 25 or 30 years ago. Of course no one knew who to contact or where the key was. So much had happened and so little documentation existed for it that the only option was to cut the lock. But up until that point that lock had been forgotton and there was no concern for it.

Something similar will happen with the internet. The amount of new data generated daily is astounding. There are sites that help to organize it all like Google, Flickr, Wikipedia and IMDB just ot name a few. But will these be scaled enough to handle the amount of data to be generated in the next 10, 20, 50 years? Perhaps a worm with some amount of data (like a time capsule)that hides itself as an Echo, so as to be undetected. Bouncing from server to switch for 20 or 30 years before it's discovered will be the next incarnation of this.

May 26, 2006

Ive been to hell. I spell it...i spell it dmv

Between Gus and I we've been to the DMV 4 times in the last week to get this title put into my name.

First they said the title was still in his parent's name. So it had to be signed over to him first, he had to get a new title then he can sign it to me. But it's never that easy.

Today we went together hoping that we could get it taken care. and we were so close! The wonderful chimpanzie behind the counter mentioned that the VIN did not match. What's that you say? These sorts of things don't change very often or easily.

The title had been folded during its life and the crease of the fold fell directly on the last character, a number 1. Pretty much any other character, except perhaps a lower case L, would have survived enough to be legible. Oh no.

A blank power of attorney is all that we gained from that trip.

Sid and I shared some sausages wrapped in pancakes chased with cigarettes, breakfast for her, dinner for me. The trip was not an entire loss.

May 18, 2006

With Teeth

oh what a fun day this has been. I had a Dentist appointment this morning for 2 fillings. With it came all the fun that one can expect. However, this time, the Dentist and his Oral Hygenist seemed a bit off. Herr Dentist would grab a tool and turn back to my mouth and scrape my lip with it on it's way to my tooth.
The Hygenist wasn't paying attention and shifted the suction tube to the back my tongue where my friend the Gag Reflex sleeps. How much fun is it trying to gag and cough with a drill in your tooth.
She also sprayed my front teeth with the water and it splashed my face.

Now my grinders are incredibly sensitive to cold.

May 12, 2006

The Green Ones

if you're gonna smoke weed, either do it in moderation that you don't forget everything you learned in the past week, or, in such excess that you're able to maintain normal functionality through a sustained high.
Next time you get that oz. of diggity dank, fucking balls out. Close all the windows. Turn on the oven to 500 degrees and hotbox your house.
After smoking weed for the last n years and your son's first decade of life, perhaps you should start using your time more wisely? Fine, if you're still going to get high, build something when you're stoned. Some of the best art i ever created was while completely gassed. Perhaps building a treehouse with a powersaw is out of the question, but fix his damn computer. Clean his room. Start a project. CREATE. Pinkfloyd and a bag of doritos is done.

I'm done listening to you forget how to ping and find a MAC.
Your jokes aren't funny.

May 10, 2006

5 for Vendetta

I finally remembered to look for 5's V speech on the web. I found it on WikiQuote
here it is:

Voilà! In view, a humble vaudevillian veteran, cast vicariously as both victim and villain by the vicissitudes of Fate. This visage, no mere veneer of vanity, is it vestige of the vox populi, now vacant, vanished, as the once vital voice of the verisimilitude now venerates what they once vilified. However, this valorous visitation of a bygone vexation stands vivified, and has vowed to vanquish these venal and virulent vermin vanguarding vice and vouchsafing the violently vicious and voracious violation of volition. The only verdict is vengeance; a vendetta held as a votive, not in vain, for the value and veracity of such shall one day vindicate the vigilant and the virtuous. Verily, this vichyssoise of verbiage veers most verbose vis-à-vis an introduction, and so it is my very good honor to meet you and you may call me V.
On WikiQuote there are a few interpretations, it doesn't seem like everyone is exactly sure of every word, but this is close enough for me without having to pay to see the movie again. I wonder if Guy Fawkes masks will be as prevailant this Halloween as the Scream masks have been previously.
Oooh! another quote found just this very instant. It was written on the mirror somwehere. I suppose Latin really lended it self very well to the Alliteration:
"Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici".
Translated as
"By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe."
I now challenge you to a V duel:
/Vacant vaginas vastly vindicate virgin valor/
I got a new phone today, an LG 9100. I got it 2nd hand from a guy at work. He erased his contacts but left 4 or 5 picutres of scantily clad airbrushed women. The wallpaper is called TwinHo.jpg.
It's an IM phone that slides apart to reveal a small keyboard. I don't pay for net or IM service with Cingular so it's a pointless feature but it's still way better than the forced to upgrade: free phone that I originally got when Cingular bought SunCom.
The old phone's audio had cut out and I had to listen to everything via speaker phone which was no good.
Getting my number transfered was easy, spent more time waiting in line. I also picked up charger and my frist earpiece. The sales girl was cute and smiled at me.