July 26, 2007

Le parkour

If you haven't seen this stuff, now's your chance. The Wikipus on it. It's featured in the movie District b13 (Banlieue 13).

This is the Some Russian kids doing it, this was the first parkour video for me:

A slick compilation:

And finally my favorite:

July 23, 2007

Customer Review Gems

I do lots of shopping on Newegg, for work and for pleasure(?). The reviews are often what sway me to or not to buy a certain product. Some people are jokers.

Very great ram at a low price.

Cons: It couldn't make me a pizza.


Pros: This works Great, 1 Gig is perfect for basic and a lil above basic computing in XP or Vista. For vista i would recommend 2Gig just because vista hogs RAM

Cons: Not Free

Other Thoughts: I ate Raman noodles today!!

July 16, 2007


In downtown Hilo there is an indoor gymnasium. It has large glass windows so that while you're working out you can get a view outside.... of the street, not the ocean or the mountains. The people are using treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes, all activities that would be much better outside. The doors are open so it's not for the AC and I see them doing this when the weather is nice so they're not avoiding the rain.

Doing any one of those activities outside would give you a chance to:
  • Think because there is no TV blaring at you,
  • Breathe fresh air 'cause you're not in the middle of downtown with all the traffic
  • Not spend money on a free service that nature provides for you
  • Leave society for an hour
  • Understand Aloha
At first I thought that an indoor gym in Hawai'i would be the worst and dumbest ideas ever. However, I walk past this place often and I see lots of people working out so the business must be doing well.
I started wondering if that is truly the way to be successful in business. Design a product that people want but don't need and then charge them for it. Will they opt to pay for an inferior service they could get for free somewhere else?
If so, what other businesses could I start that would follow the same guidelines?
  • Indoor pool
  • Tanning salon
  • Wave machine
  • Rock climbing wall
If you had a reasonable amount of capital, what business would you start?

July 14, 2007

Tiera del fuego

The same person that devised the Santorum Slip n Slide was the same person to teach me fireballs.

Ingredients: Everclear, lighter and possibly a road flare.
1. Mouth full of everclear,
2. hold lighter 3-5" from your mouth,
3. Pucker lips like you're blowing a trumpet
4. Blow

For best results replace the lighter with a road flare or campfire. Also, best to do this in a southern state with bumperless car in yard and while intoxicated. Appropriate additions include daisy dukes, the firing of guns, beast and pig's feet.
More pictures.

July 11, 2007

I went jet skiing last week. Besides taking me three tries to get on the thing (I tipped over twice and tipped both of us over once (he was very patient)) it was awesome. Adrenaline, fear, excitement. At one point I was looking off in the distance admiring the view. We caught air. We landed. I kissed the back of the driver's vest with my teeth. Otherwise it was a flawless ride.

The guy that gave me a ride was about 300 lbs, a bleached mohawk, several teeth missing and "Sick Puppy" tattooed across his belly. Several days later I found out that Sick Puppy was his ring name when he was a cage fighter.

Sick puppy eh? Got me thinking about what my name would be if I were to enter in that line of work. If you were a cage fighter, what would be your ring name?

Propain (mine)
Kittenvicious (Mrs PI)

July 10, 2007

Quantity over Quality

Got my 3rd & 4th Where's George bills this evening.
The common theme for these two bills is that they're both from Papaikou.

This is an illustration of me posting just to increase the blog post count. Seriously, is there anything less usefull than tracking bills already being tracked by a site?

July 9, 2007


sexercise sexterminate
sex girlfriendsexile
sex door neighborsex-lax
sextraordinary sextension
sexperiment sextrusion

allow me to sexplain, sexamining the effsexs of adding an S in front of words that begin with sEX. I've tried to include sexpletive deleteds

July 8, 2007

aloha merch

I really enjoy buying local things for people back on the mainland. Last time I brought bumper stickers, playing cards and chocolate. This time it's Mrs. PrisonIndustry who is going back home.

We just got back from Big Island Candies. The coolest thing they have is chocolate dipped Ika (squid). As you can see, it's dipped in such a manner than it looks roughly like a squid. It's a very interesting mix of flavours, milk chocolate and the salty fish taste of dried squid. This chocolate is divine, but it's no marzipan vagina.

BIC is really expensive though, the entire spread pictured here was about $75.
They're perfect for grandparents and family, but if you want something from me from here it's going to be a jar of honey or an aloha shirt.

July 7, 2007

Google Docs lets you publish documents to your blog, how sweet. So I did. I also provided a link on the right column. It points to this document which lists things that I want. Just in case you're ever wondering what to buy me, now you can know. I also like flowers and hand written letters.

Remote controlled vehicle
subscription to 2600
ZombAID T Shirt
Cordless drill
any used technology. Digicam, PDA, mp3 player, cell phone
Gigabit Router

July 6, 2007


Reading a friend of a friend's blog I came across the cutest post I've ever seen about seeing eye ponies. It reminded me of Sam

I was turned on to the ugliest dog contest by Mrs Prison Industry's mom several months ago. I heard about the world's ugliest dog and thought how demeaning it would be and how the winner was probably cute ugly like pugs, however my reaction mirrored the judges:

He's so ugly that even the judges
recoiled when he was placed on
the judging table . . .

These pictures made Mrs Prison Industry spray root beer on my keyboard and monitor, despite having already seen these pictures. Please tell me your reaction

More information can be found at Sams' website and blog. RIP