July 23, 2007

Customer Review Gems

I do lots of shopping on Newegg, for work and for pleasure(?). The reviews are often what sway me to or not to buy a certain product. Some people are jokers.

Very great ram at a low price.

Cons: It couldn't make me a pizza.


Pros: This works Great, 1 Gig is perfect for basic and a lil above basic computing in XP or Vista. For vista i would recommend 2Gig just because vista hogs RAM

Cons: Not Free

Other Thoughts: I ate Raman noodles today!!


PurgeandSerge said...

mmm... i told j that i was gonna show up and crash your parties. and by parties i mean your daily lives.

don't worry, i have plenty of confidence in my sexay-ness. it's the dag-on cholesterol. it will bum me out to not fill out my 'unmentionables' as well once i've lost a few. i'll manage somehow.

for the record, i miss you year-round, not just at suusi.

Sandy said...

you are invited.