June 20, 2006

the end is extremely fucking nigh

I turned in my two week notice yesterday morning. I'm working every day until the end though. Eitherway. see ya SUCKAS.

I'm out.

June 2, 2006

Is that your two cents worth, Worth?

Finally someone linked this again on a forum I visit. The numbers from LOST are example of Numbers Station transmissions.


What it really reminds me of is of a concept discussed in the Cube. Specifically that a society or industry can become so chaotic, so big with such momentum that every option is advanced. Machines get built because they can, but not because they're needed. Every idea is researched, every prototype made. But because society and industry have become so big, it is easy for projects to slip through and be forgotton about. Funding will suddenly cease, a disgruntled person will not care enough to wrap up all the loose ends of an unfinished job. These archaic occurences continue without any oversight and the documentation for them is easily lost.

A quote from the point the movie I'm talking about
It (the world) is all a headless blunder functioning under the illusion of a master plan. Can you grasp that, Holloway? Big Brother is not watching you

A very small example of this happen at work this week. A trucker decided to take an access road out of the plant instead of the main road like everyone else. He of course got stuck when he got ot the end and the gate was locked. The lock that held the gate was locked 25 or 30 years ago. Of course no one knew who to contact or where the key was. So much had happened and so little documentation existed for it that the only option was to cut the lock. But up until that point that lock had been forgotton and there was no concern for it.

Something similar will happen with the internet. The amount of new data generated daily is astounding. There are sites that help to organize it all like Google, Flickr, Wikipedia and IMDB just ot name a few. But will these be scaled enough to handle the amount of data to be generated in the next 10, 20, 50 years? Perhaps a worm with some amount of data (like a time capsule)that hides itself as an Echo, so as to be undetected. Bouncing from server to switch for 20 or 30 years before it's discovered will be the next incarnation of this.