September 26, 2009

Chip off the old block

I've been clearing out the house of man that died recently.

The culmination of a lifetime of stuff means what? You can't take it with you and that's a good thing. The best thing is when that stuff finds its way into hands that really need it. I've taken 3 or 4 boxes of office supplies and globes to my school. The principle's eyes lit up and said "this is like Christmas for teachers!" Everywhere, all schools and Hawai'i in particular are having funding troubles, we're hit pretty hard with no funding for supplies. These go a long way.

I packed my car to the gills with model trains and gave it tot he Laupahoehoe Train Musem who's wide eyes and "we can't thank you enough"s were good proof we'd found the right home.

Canes and walkers given to veteran's societies.

I've taken home about 15 Asimov books, 3d glasses, small screw driver sets for computers, 10 Dave Brubeck CDs, an out of print Nichols and May CD.

Short Circuit DVD which I keep trying to convince K will be useful preparation for his Master's program with AI.

It's a strange thing to get to know someone after they died. So many small little hobbies of his overlap with mine and several things on my list of ideas to explore have found their start with things from this man's legacy.

I am doing this pono. By appreciating the things he left behind and giving them new life, not just dropping them at the thrift store it makes me feel good cleaning out his home, his bed room and his life. I can only hope that someone does that same with my stuff when I'm gone.

Introvert, thy name is extrovert.

I have my own time and no one to share it with, so I joined as many clubs as I could find that would have me.

I'm now:
  • Along with K, the most truant member of our church; having not missed a day since I've been back.
  • A member of a scrabble club that meets every Friday at the mall
  • The founder of a small but successful 2600 meeting the 1st Friday of every month
  • I go to meetings and walk on Thursdays.
  • I have friends outside of work and home.
  • I'm getting much closer to finishing my archery target, then I'll be an archer again.

I feel very much like the Yes Man.