September 26, 2009

Introvert, thy name is extrovert.

I have my own time and no one to share it with, so I joined as many clubs as I could find that would have me.

I'm now:
  • Along with K, the most truant member of our church; having not missed a day since I've been back.
  • A member of a scrabble club that meets every Friday at the mall
  • The founder of a small but successful 2600 meeting the 1st Friday of every month
  • I go to meetings and walk on Thursdays.
  • I have friends outside of work and home.
  • I'm getting much closer to finishing my archery target, then I'll be an archer again.

I feel very much like the Yes Man.

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Jay Bazuzi said...

Yes, oh, yes! Man....

I bought a box of leather scraps and a few leather working tools. Made a leather bracelet for Reid. Next is a new sheath for my knife.