May 29, 2007

Memorial Day

For most people Memorial Day signifies the beginning of the summer weather, the lazy afternoons in the hammock and pretty girls showing a lot of skin.


You could be living in the perpetual summer of a tropical island, instead you're beaming at the fleeting moment that is your puny summer. Enjoy it while you can.

May 27, 2007

Sound card review gems

Tech Level: high
Ownership: 1 month to 1 year

Pros: It works. The sound goes out the sound making holes.

Cons: It doesn't make toast.

Tech Level: high
Ownership: 1 week to 1 month

This is HORRIBLE. You've been warned

Pros: It came in a box. The box could be used for some sort of arts and crafts project.

May 26, 2007

Tobacco state

I had my first, a Camel, when I was 12. I smoked off and on until I was 17 at which point I actually considered myself a smoker. When I was 18 living in Roanoke I was smoking 2 packs every day. I jumped up to Lucky Strikes for 2 weeks until I coughed up blood, then I went back down to Marlboro Reds.
This is what happened next:

Marlboro Reds until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Mediums until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Lights until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Ultra Lights until I got bronchitis
Camel Ultra Lights.

Because my lady smoked them I switched to Winston brand because of their additive free nature. Winstons until I started my job in RVA and remembered what my brother used to smoke. Because I had money to buy them, I started on American Spirits, higher quality tobacco, longer smoke, a better cigarette. When I started really raking it in I switched to the Organic American Spirits which in my opinion has no equal. I loved this cigarette.
I smoked it after every meal, before bed, when I woke up, after brushing my teeth, between tasks at work, when I was bored, after sex, while drinking, after biking up hill, while on the phone, between joints, with friends, once in the shower, a few times in a pool, at clubs, when I was angry, when I was sad, when I was frustrated, when I was happy, when I couldn't breathe, when I was sick. Cigarettes were my delinquent habit. I tried alcohol but was not entirely impressed, I was heavy into several chemicals but they all passed. Cigarettes are my drug of choice.

I've been smoking for 9 years. Tonight marks 1 week without a cigarette.

My thoughts on quitting: It's hard, but not as bad as you think. It's not easy giving up cigarettes. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. You can have every reason in the world to quit, but you can't give it up until you're ready. When you are ready, have the Patch and put it on before the craving sets in. You will cough up x number of years' worth of tar and filth. It's pretty nasty, remember your body does not want this stuff and is trying to heal itself. I love smoking, I miss cigarettes every day, I don't imagine I'll stop wanting them anytime soon if ever. IT'S COMPLETELY WORTH IT.

May 23, 2007

Lord of all Macadamia

Before I went on the clock today I asked boss to look after the shop while I ran next door and bought some macadamia nuts. His reply: "You don't need to get more nuts, we get enough nuts coming in here!"

And today was no exception. A sixteen or seventeen year old cutie came in and asked if we were hiring for the summer, I'm pretty sure we're not but I told her to come back during the day so that my boss can tell her. Hell, she's cute enough that he might actually hire her for the next 8 days.

Two hours before closing a Syrian (like Yossarian) came in. I wish I could've recorded him. Something about his family faking his death to claim an inheritance and could I help him buy an industrial ice machine and have it shipped to his friend in Damascus whom he hasn't spoken to in 6 years?

I wish people would let me take their pictures when they sign up for a computer. The internet attracts such an interesting group. I'm just glad I'm here to witness

May 22, 2007

15 things

What does it mean when my Reader shows two posts from different people with the same title? Why a blog meme of course!

I really tried. I got two secrets down then got bored and annoyed.
So I decided to make a fake list: Things I have told people. It was not as funny on screen as in my head.

Then I thought of a list of lists, ya know, to outsmart everyone. I got one deep and ran out of steam.

So perhaps I'll just make a list, but wait, after getting to number eight of my random list I didn't feel comfortable with some of the things I was writing. soooo, here's this one lone link to provide some sort of content.

1. Unusual Deaths

Many of the things I'm most proud of and enjoy the most or look forward to, I want to keep to myself. I wonder why I have a blog.

May 21, 2007

The times they are a changin'

My boss sold the business a couple of days ago. It should've been to me but I didn't get my shit together and I procrastinated, I would've been ready in three or four months.

The new owner, who is a friend of mine, doesn't know a lick about computers which is great for me because of job security. It also means I get to have a little bit more control over the computers in the cafe and the network as well as the repairs. It's pretty exciting. I'm making a list of ideas that I want him to consider, some are free, some are expensive.

May 20, 2007


Backup your data today. Right now. No one ever plans their drive failure, it just happens. To everyone. If you have a flaky computer, you move a lot, you only have a laptop that you travel frequently with or your data is irreplaceable you should consider off site storage.

Amazon's Simple Storage Service. $.15/gig
GDrive works for small amounts of data.
If you're really good friends with me, you can ask for an account on my ftp.

2nd only to losing your spouse, losing your data is the worst feeling.

May 18, 2007

Sonic Sush

I totally make sushi now. How awesome? VERY.

My mom used to take me to eat sushi whenever we were in Roanoke, when I was about middle school age. That's really where I got my love for it. The chef was kind and would always give me a free sample. Perhaps because I was one of very few young white kids that actually enjoyed his food.

During high school Kroger started carrying sushi, so whenever we would go shopping she and I would buy a roll and share it before we went home. Always a ritual that I shared with her.

Around 5 years ago I started trying to make my own. I read a small 20 page how to manual and knew I was a master. The first rolls were thick layers of rice misrolled around fake crab with some soy sauce. What an insult.

I don't get the opportunity share this with her anymore but these days my rolls are much more appealing. The grocery store in Hilo is kind enough to sell Unagi, so now the rolls include it.
Pictures here is one of the finest rolls and arrangements yet. K was gracious enough to make Wakame. At the bottom are the unagi rolls with unagi nigiri. I think that a lower case "e" would've stood out more, but I trust that K knows what he is doing.

The other special roll that I'm proud of is pictured on the left in the same pic. It is an inside out roll, where the ingredients (which I can't recall) are wrapped in nori which are wrapped in rice topped with thinly sliced avacado. It's a fairly difficult roll to get right and tastes just as good as if it were made any other way, but it's much more aesthetically pleasing.

More pictures of the same meal.

Ninja edit: Sonic Sushi was the handle my friend Russell used in 6th grade when we played Trade Wars

May 17, 2007


Boss: I'll either get better or die
me: I hope you get better
Boss: Like Al Bundy says: "me too but I never get what I want"

Quoting Al Bundy is a bold move in any conversation.

May 13, 2007


I took my lady to a show last Wednesday. A friend of mine was DJing at a bar and it was a good chance to get out after dark. The highlight of my evening was when J was kind dance shimying near me and I suddenly got excited and exlaimed: "Street cleaner!", as there was one driving by.
I was more interested in the bristles it would leave behind (to make lock pics) than I was about the music, DJ or dancing.

my own private Digg

Trent talks about his business.

Pictures of weather

fake recipe delight

1 cup water, chopped &
1 can chicken broth, drained
broil both in microwave on ultra high for 1.5 seconds add
3 ice cubes, thawed. Mix with
7/32nds grams onions pureed
using single chopstick mix until lumpy
preheat freezer
bake at 3 for 25 days

May 12, 2007

Cutest EVAR

Why are cats so awesome?

$28 Dollars Later

Tonight I was reminded of having a Zombie Plan. If you haven't made one yet, please do so. Like a fire escape plan, it's better to have one and not need it than to need it and not have it and make it up as you go along.

I am living my Zombie Plan. If a zombie outbreak outbreaks on the Big Island I could probably swim to another island or at least grab myself a boat. Plus there are tons of caves and wilderness within minutes, and SPAM is plentiful and lasts forever.

Also 28 Weeks Later is good but not as good as 28 Days.

May 11, 2007

Silly Geese

There are tons of cool projects that've gained popularity 'cause of the net. One that I was linked to yesterday involves letter writing. You let this guy know you want one, and he writes you a letter. Pretty neat, but I imagine the quality of content dwindles quickly. I've been considering writing him a letter, and including a bunch of stamps like he asks.

I think if i were to start a project it would be something like:
1. Everyone upload an mspaint image and I put it into a collage
2. EVERYONE jump at the same time. The entire planet.
3. Children ages 4-6 required to learn carwheels and handstands
4. WPFC (World Pillow Fighting Championships)
5. Food fight arena. Like a paint ball field, but with foodenings

These aren't as funny as they could be. The pain in my neck (!omg!lozl!11!) is really bringing me down.

Ok another idea. I will give you a questionnaire to fill out. Leave me a comment on this post and I will return 5 questions for you to answer and post on your blog. Stipulations:

1.You either post your answers to all the questions or none of them. You don't get to pick and choose
2. Once you have posted them on your blog, you must allow other's to ask for the questions.
3. I all encompassingly get to choose any questions I want.
This idea brought to you by BrightYellowWorld

bring the pain

I pulled a muscle in my neck 2 days ago. Usually it's painful for the first day but dwindles thereafter. Not the case this time. The pain has gotten worse daily. I've tried massaging it with my limited reach and ability and I take hot showers before bed to relax the muscles. Nothing has worked.
At this point I can't turn my head to the right or stand straight up because it hurts so much. My guess is that it's from using a laptop so frequently. Doing so causes me to look to down and slouch to read the screen. Ergonomics are lost on this kind computer.

Anyone have tips on how to relax these muscles and get me back to full strength? I have ferocity to accomplish and fury to attend to, not to mention caring to deliver, extravagance to appeal and public opinions to thwart.


May 7, 2007

Bleeding on a rock

My boss lent us his car for a few days and we took another trip to Richardson's Beach yesterday along with most of Hilo. I went snorkeling and of course cut myself again. This time a small cut on my ring toe on my right foot. It's small but it bled a lot.
There's definitely something cool about bleeding on volcanic rock. The mixture of black and red is just so pretty. Now I'm part of the island?

May 1, 2007

naming schemes

I have my last name which is constant and has reputation in some crowds. I have my middle name which is legacy. My first name can vary depending on company.
I have my legal name that I use for work, government and banks. It's not my identity though. My legal name did not come from the person, but the city he named after himself and more from the library there and what it allowed. I was given this name to conceal my religion and heritage from the place my family was living at the time. The culture could tell who you were by your name.

My middle name came from a certain plant that grew around an oasis in the same desert I was born in and its ability to adapt to change and to survive.

I think of myself by my nickname which I've always gone by. It wasn't until I was 4 or 5 that I realized it wasn't my actual name. It is often thought of as a girl's name but I've met more guys than girls with it. My nickname comes from where I was born, in a desert. My first hairs on my head were the color of the surrounding sand. I was almost called Dusty.

It still throws me off when I get mail addressed to my legal name.

I can go the rest of my life without hearing any songs from Grease and at least I'm not called Sue.