May 22, 2007

15 things

What does it mean when my Reader shows two posts from different people with the same title? Why a blog meme of course!

I really tried. I got two secrets down then got bored and annoyed.
So I decided to make a fake list: Things I have told people. It was not as funny on screen as in my head.

Then I thought of a list of lists, ya know, to outsmart everyone. I got one deep and ran out of steam.

So perhaps I'll just make a list, but wait, after getting to number eight of my random list I didn't feel comfortable with some of the things I was writing. soooo, here's this one lone link to provide some sort of content.

1. Unusual Deaths

Many of the things I'm most proud of and enjoy the most or look forward to, I want to keep to myself. I wonder why I have a blog.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think that's good. Sometimes I'm bad at keeping my own secrets, so I admire you for keeping yours. Oh, and thanks again for the RSS help!