May 11, 2007

bring the pain

I pulled a muscle in my neck 2 days ago. Usually it's painful for the first day but dwindles thereafter. Not the case this time. The pain has gotten worse daily. I've tried massaging it with my limited reach and ability and I take hot showers before bed to relax the muscles. Nothing has worked.
At this point I can't turn my head to the right or stand straight up because it hurts so much. My guess is that it's from using a laptop so frequently. Doing so causes me to look to down and slouch to read the screen. Ergonomics are lost on this kind computer.

Anyone have tips on how to relax these muscles and get me back to full strength? I have ferocity to accomplish and fury to attend to, not to mention caring to deliver, extravagance to appeal and public opinions to thwart.


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