June 21, 2010

Super interesting

I was in this lady's office working on her computer, she had a metal water bottle that was painted with some pretty flowers.  I complemented her on it.
She said "omg thanks! I drink like a whole one a day!"
In my head I thought "I drank four of those already and it's just about 11am"
Then she went on to tell me how great it is to drink so much water.

The other day I was talking with my coworkers, we were comparing the strangest food we've ever eaten
Him: Squid
Her: Octopus
Other him: Squid
Me: Fermented whale blubber

I won that round.

June 1, 2010

Making the Amish look like Menonites.

Once a year the Baskin farm shears their alpacas. They invite everyone they know to shear all 15 in one day. They hire out a professional shearer; a soft spoken man named Vic who has worked with them from the beginning. He was thorough, knowledgeable, tolerant of mistakes and quick with encouragement when we got it right and a joke to relieve the tension when we didn't.

The rest of us filled out the crew holding legs, the head, administering shots and weighing them in before and after their haircuts.

I spent the day prior helping clean the space and prep. Day-of about 20 people showed up and saw the whole thing through. To complete the event, I drank a bear with every break and a snus in the afternoon and after the job was done.

Aside from Vic we all went unpaid; a real community coming together and a genuine slice of culture and o'hana.  I got to see my good friend, his wife and their son. I drank their beer, ate their food and took their poison ivy.

This is what I think about in my spare time.

I installed WSUS on my WHS. It was the most useful service to run myself. I couldn't find a reason to run DHCP, DNS (for fuxing with wife's internet experience?) and I only run MSE which can't be centrally managed.

Maybe this summer I can get my hands on a Dell Pro x64 installer and bring my HTPC up to speed. After that one plan is to upgrade the WHS to Vail and run a Domain Controller in a VM, join my 3 client machines and then be able to manage them a little bit better.

I think the storage of the My Docs and Desktop will be moved to the server into the user dir and accssed through a mapped drive. This will centralize storage for everyone on my network without having to worry about it.

I'm just a prisoner, in the same prison as you

After 4 months of looking I finally found work, successfully navigating two interviews and quickly falling into the routine of a new job. It's a private all girls school and they love their tech. Digital smart boards, thin clients this summer, a wonderfully disorganized server room with about 10 x  PowerEdge 1950.

It's nice to have a paycheck again.  I have awesome Accidental Death and Dismemberment insurance, you better believe if I lose an arm and a leg I'll get an arm and leg.