November 30, 2006


Tuesday my family ended their vacations. I helped everyone get to the airport.
My route:

Woke up at 7:30 am, left from Home to drive to Westminster to pick up my aunt.
Then to RIC int'l aiport to drop her off.
Then to Glen Allen to pick up my Brother and his family.
Then back to RIC to drop them off.
Then back to Glen Allen to pick up my truck.

On my way back home I got a flat tire.

Mapquest doesn't support linking to a trip planner, but here is the highlight:

Distance: 104.15 miles

November 13, 2006

Virginia is for Losers

Virginia has had a rough string of incidents recently. Here are three.

1. Henry County Police officers arresting dealers, stealing their crop and reselling it to their community. A good friend is from Basset, his response:
Yeah my dad was the only guy of authority on his
floor this morning that
wasnt in custody......
go dad........

2. Mr Utin was arrested for sexing it up with a minor. When I moved from the Blacksburg New School to the public school in 6th grade, of the 12 kids in my class 10 went to Mr Utin. This was a planned event by their parents and for some reason I wasn't included. I went to the Pavlik-Glaser teacher team and the smart kid went to smart teacher. The house we lived in when my I was in middle school was about 4 blocks from his house, he had beautiful gardens.

3. Last on the list for Virginia is Morva. A kid I grew up with in Blacksburg, he lived in my house for a winter, he ate my food and used my toilet paper. He never wore shoes or held a job. He loved to argue and got angry quickly. He laughed very loud and couldn't stand society. One day I woke up with a voice mail from a Christiansburg detective. Now he's an attempted robber and cop killer.

November 12, 2006

I'm just full of links today

Pass around girl.


Clearly this is the best part of the article. The cruelest way to begin:

Be not too liberal; it doth belong to dogs alone to fuck the whole day long."
- Friedrich Nietzsche

(only a single quotation mark is used, it's not my mistake)

V for Grievances

This is neat, V comes to America.

November 4, 2006

good news

I got a phone call and an email yesterday:

Well, folks... she's back. As I lay down at midnight last night I heard
her outside my window. Lyle stepped out and called her and she came right in and
headed for the food. She is much thinner, actually she looks good. She is very
needing of attention...and kept me awake banging her head into my face. We'll
keep an eye on her and take her to the vet, if she shows any signs of illness or
damage.. SO, send me a list of the things we need to do to send her to Hawaii. I
think she'll probably stay around now... I hope.

Love to send good
news.. Sue