May 31, 2013

Your face is slower than 78% of the US

Well, shit.
Hawaiiantel DSL. They sent a Pace 4111N-030 modem / Wifi / Router / Switch combo device.

 It's not likely to get upgraded anytime soon.  When I called to inquire about Internet a month or two ago they said they provided Internet but did not mention that I would be restricted to their slowest plan. I am restricted to their slowest plan. They promise 7Mb / 1Mb.

Maybe it's peak usage time. Maybe over the next few years they'll run fiber over Saddle Road or run additional lines up from Hilo as they prepare for more subdivisions. Most likely this is what I can expect unless I want to pay for my own fiber drop.

At some point I hope to disable everything but the modem and use my own router to manage the network.  I might just buy a separate modem and return their all-in-one.