October 31, 2009

Every Day Carry

I was a Scout once. At the time I didn't understand the need to always be prepared because everything was always provided for me. As an adult I have the pleasure of providing for myself and I like to come prepared. A recent post on Reddit motivated me to make a list of my EDC items.

Every day carry means I always have a Leatherperson Micra & Maglite Solitaire on the key chain. This solves the majority of problems I run into.

In my backpack I carry:

  • a makeup bag full of screw drivers
  • ace wrap, adhesive medical strips and Neosporin
  • Leatherperson Core
  • notepad
  • 3 pens, 1 sharpie
  • Aspire One
  • snacks
  • Swiss army knife
  • water bottle
  • 4GB USB drive
In my car I have:

  • full 1st aid kit
  • change of clothes
  • swim suit and snorkel gear
  • Maglite Mini LED
  • D40x

There're lots of resources for Every Day Carry items on EDCForums and EDCItems

Some people enjoy the serendipity of life and just roll with whatever happens and don't like faking control by carrying all this gear with them. I had a discussion once about whether the burden of always carrying everything was too high. In my mind it's not, I enjoy being prepared and I enjoy solving problems. To me the world is a playground, a workshop, and while it's not broken; I certainly enjoy fixing it.

What do you carry everyday?

October 28, 2009

Lord of the Flies

Lord of the flies might have been a shock when it was written.
After spending the morning with fifteen twelve year old boys I'm surprised we're all still alive.
The strong pick on the weak, the meek follow the strong willed. Everyone wants attention and control but shirks responsibility.
They destroy and cruel. They can't focus.

How are we all still here?

October 26, 2009


I love poke. My favorite is spicy, it's Sriracha mixed with mayonaise on ahi, but I'll eat almost any kine poke. It keeps my diet rich in fresh fish, some of it caught locally. On gym days I like to eat a large amount of it several hours before, for the protein.

Sometimes I eat an entire pound of poke. Eating a pound of raw fish is sometimes an endurance test. I love raw fish, but still when I'm done my body recoils and it's not sure what just happened. It's a departure from my diet of old especially from the mainland. But I like to enjoy this opportunity while I have it.
Today is gym day, so I stopped at the fish market to pick up an ahi steak but they were sold out. To substitute I grabbed a package of tako, octopus, and I just finished half a pound of that. Again my body isn't sure about such a large amount of octopus with no chaser.

October 22, 2009

Forester is credit to team

I've been putting extra work and care into my Forester recently. I never imagined I'd drive an SUV, but it fits my needs pretty well. It has AWD, lots of cargo space in the back and the Weather band.
  • I just had it detailed. Mind you I don't pay for this, it's a work exchange for computer repair
  • I bought new floor mats with red dragons. They look completely rediculous.
  • Applied Rain X to all windows and exterior mirrors
  • Bought a CD folder for the visor.
  • Registered an account on SubaruForester.org and found a way to disabled the seatbelt alarm firing more than once.
  • Removed the license plate covers, so now I only advertise for Subaru and not the dealer. Currently looking for awesome replacements.
These are minor things but they make a difference.

October 13, 2009


I was reading about secret societies. I came across the Order of the Engineer. They follow a code of ethics regarding engineering. Its purpose is to foster pride and resonsibility in your work. I think it's awesome. It's not a secret society, it's not used to make extra money or get a job. It's about being pono with your work. They get a plain stainless steal ring.

I'm a member of several clubs as outlined in the previous post, none of which have rings or formal introductions. I was lamenting not being a member of any clubs like that when I look at my left hand and saw my wedding ring.

I've tried to talk about this to a couple of friends, neither of whom are married and one of which cannot legally marry. I came across like an asshole I think, pushing my marriage in their face. Now I'm going to try to explain myself here and likely present myself as an asshole to a much larger audience. I feel vulnerable when I'm not wearing my ring and confident when I am. It's a heavy ring, platinum and silver, very comfortable and fits well. It was made by a wonderful and akamai friend as a wedding present. I'm very proud of it. My pride is not meant to be exclusive. I think everyone should be able to marry if they want. I will likely talk about my stance on marriage at another time, this post isn't about that, but about membership in societies.

Jessie and I once had wooden rings we got in Spain. I broke mine catching a Frisbee the week we got back.

A frequent ring I see is the class ring. I never wanted one from high school and I certainly did not want one from my community college.

What groups are you a member that are significant? Do you wear any jewelry that shows your membership?