October 26, 2009


I love poke. My favorite is spicy, it's Sriracha mixed with mayonaise on ahi, but I'll eat almost any kine poke. It keeps my diet rich in fresh fish, some of it caught locally. On gym days I like to eat a large amount of it several hours before, for the protein.

Sometimes I eat an entire pound of poke. Eating a pound of raw fish is sometimes an endurance test. I love raw fish, but still when I'm done my body recoils and it's not sure what just happened. It's a departure from my diet of old especially from the mainland. But I like to enjoy this opportunity while I have it.
Today is gym day, so I stopped at the fish market to pick up an ahi steak but they were sold out. To substitute I grabbed a package of tako, octopus, and I just finished half a pound of that. Again my body isn't sure about such a large amount of octopus with no chaser.

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