October 31, 2009

Every Day Carry

I was a Scout once. At the time I didn't understand the need to always be prepared because everything was always provided for me. As an adult I have the pleasure of providing for myself and I like to come prepared. A recent post on Reddit motivated me to make a list of my EDC items.

Every day carry means I always have a Leatherperson Micra & Maglite Solitaire on the key chain. This solves the majority of problems I run into.

In my backpack I carry:

  • a makeup bag full of screw drivers
  • ace wrap, adhesive medical strips and Neosporin
  • Leatherperson Core
  • notepad
  • 3 pens, 1 sharpie
  • Aspire One
  • snacks
  • Swiss army knife
  • water bottle
  • 4GB USB drive
In my car I have:

  • full 1st aid kit
  • change of clothes
  • swim suit and snorkel gear
  • Maglite Mini LED
  • D40x

There're lots of resources for Every Day Carry items on EDCForums and EDCItems

Some people enjoy the serendipity of life and just roll with whatever happens and don't like faking control by carrying all this gear with them. I had a discussion once about whether the burden of always carrying everything was too high. In my mind it's not, I enjoy being prepared and I enjoy solving problems. To me the world is a playground, a workshop, and while it's not broken; I certainly enjoy fixing it.

What do you carry everyday?

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