February 22, 2013

That, too, passed.

Some things have changed since last time.

The car is resolved, I'm thankful for insurance for insurance money. I'm now in the market for another car.

The big news is that we have an accepted offer on a house.  It goes into escrow tomorrow and if everything goes well, in 45 days (4/8/13) we'll be moving into our house sitting on 2.44 acres of land on the Big Island. Jessie is coming for an extended visit in a few weeks and the house will close while she's here so we can move in together.  I hope she'll make a honey-do list for me to work on while after she's gone.

If you're reading this we're probably friends. This means you're invited to stay with us in Hilo.

The last remaining piece of this puzzle is the rest of my family: the wife and animals.

I've even been offered some side work by the end of the summer. I'm thankful for things to be finally lining up.

February 7, 2013

Curtains for yoou

Her room is on the corner of the hallway and she keeps the door open.  

Over break she received a lot of packages in the neighborhood of 10 or 12.  

A few days after she got back I was walking to my room and her room looked fuzzy, a little distorted.  When I got closer I realized she had put up a transparent curtain, you'd see this in a walk-in freezer, or maybe a hospital. 

A few days after that she added a shower curtain to the doorway.  Blue polkadots on semi transparent white.

February 6, 2013

Google Apps for Relationships

GAfR. Same tools as Business and Education use I guess, but applied to my long distance relationship.

Hangouts for face to face time. Seeing each other's faces is critical. The most important piece.

Drive for project and organization. We're looking for a house, so I have a folder for that project.  Inside is a master document with all the houses I've looked at, my review and their prices. In that folder are collections pictures I take of the houses with the address. These could be moved to G+ albums, but it's easier to have them all in one spot for right now, they'll also be deleted once we settle on a house.

Calendar since we're in different time zone it's difficult to stay organized and keep track of each other.  I keep all my major events on their for the wife so she knows when to reach me.

Youtube. I recorded a video for Valentine's day.  The video editor leaves something to be desired but I'm still thankful for Youtube's existence.

Android, while it isn't part of Google Apps, is an amazing way for us to connect. We play Words with Friends. We are able to send pictures of our day to each other, we have unlimited texts and take advantage of it.

Hey Chief

I've lived here for about 6 months. Every day I come home from work in the afternoon.  Ed is on the lanai smoking and drinking and often on the phone.  I give him the old pistol greeting and he returns with a "hey chief."  He usually hasn't unlocked the door and so I have to borrow his keys to get in.

Once a week or so I'll hang outside while my laundry is finishing or I'm waiting for a ride, we'll have a somewhat one sided conversation. We're not friends, but we get along alright.

 Two weeks ago Ed asked me what my name is.