May 15, 2010

Archer, I barely know her

What stands for your culture? Today after an almost two year dry spell we went arching.  A charming indoor range about forty five minutes' drive.  They put a new nock on my string using the right equipment, fixed an arrow tip and sold me a finger guard. We shot for about thirty minutes until our arms got tired and fingers started to become raw.

We patronized a local small business, I connected with the kid behind the counter and pursued a hobby.

May 14, 2010


Wife has a Largan Chameleon digital camera from about 8 or 9 years ago.  Most of the indicator words next to buttons have worn off. It has a female USB A port, meaning it needs a male to male USB A cable. With no zoom or any manual settings of any kind it takes the most unusual photos. It was a gift from Wife's grandfather and I'm pretty sure it came free when he bought a machine for work. It went everywhere because of its size, but also because it had no monetary value, here you can see it braving the rain in Saint Kitts.

This camera is famous for being difficult to install with hard to find drivers.  There are no Win 7 drivers. It barely detects when plugged in to the computer.  Thanks to XP mode in Win 7 Ultimate I was able to fire up an XP machine and install the camera and grab what's left of the 51 pictures!  Unfortunately they're in pretty rough shape and they're all in variations of this masterpiece.

Cheers for XP mode at least.

May 13, 2010

Diabolical sound coming through your speaker.

It's an almost daily occurrence.  I'm sitting at a red light aiming to go straight, the light turns green and the driver on the other side of the intersection turning left jets out, ignoring right-of-way, in front of me like it's cool.  This annoys me when I'm by myself because I really like my car. When Wife is in the car it makes me furious, they're now putting my family at risk. What are my options? Usually just a long sounding of the horn.

I am impotent.