May 13, 2010

Diabolical sound coming through your speaker.

It's an almost daily occurrence.  I'm sitting at a red light aiming to go straight, the light turns green and the driver on the other side of the intersection turning left jets out, ignoring right-of-way, in front of me like it's cool.  This annoys me when I'm by myself because I really like my car. When Wife is in the car it makes me furious, they're now putting my family at risk. What are my options? Usually just a long sounding of the horn.

I am impotent.


kevin said...

That sucks. :( What's the alternative to impotent horn blowing? Hmm. You could attach a cow catcher to the front of your car and start ramming them. Or you could throw a sticky GPS tracking device at their car, follow them to where they're going, and leave a passive-aggressive note under their windshield wipers. Every day for a week. Or maybe you could get a front bumper sticker that says "I GO FIRST". You could put it across the top of the windshield, like car mod enthusiasts. Or you could keep some eggs in the car and throw them at the other car (although then you'd be keeping warm eggs in the car all the time). Or just before the light turns, you roll down your window, reach out, point your finger at the driver across from you and stare at them while shaking your head and mouthing "Don't even think about it".

Sandy said...

That last item I've performed only to be ignored.