October 22, 2009

Forester is credit to team

I've been putting extra work and care into my Forester recently. I never imagined I'd drive an SUV, but it fits my needs pretty well. It has AWD, lots of cargo space in the back and the Weather band.
  • I just had it detailed. Mind you I don't pay for this, it's a work exchange for computer repair
  • I bought new floor mats with red dragons. They look completely rediculous.
  • Applied Rain X to all windows and exterior mirrors
  • Bought a CD folder for the visor.
  • Registered an account on SubaruForester.org and found a way to disabled the seatbelt alarm firing more than once.
  • Removed the license plate covers, so now I only advertise for Subaru and not the dealer. Currently looking for awesome replacements.
These are minor things but they make a difference.

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