October 13, 2009


I was reading about secret societies. I came across the Order of the Engineer. They follow a code of ethics regarding engineering. Its purpose is to foster pride and resonsibility in your work. I think it's awesome. It's not a secret society, it's not used to make extra money or get a job. It's about being pono with your work. They get a plain stainless steal ring.

I'm a member of several clubs as outlined in the previous post, none of which have rings or formal introductions. I was lamenting not being a member of any clubs like that when I look at my left hand and saw my wedding ring.

I've tried to talk about this to a couple of friends, neither of whom are married and one of which cannot legally marry. I came across like an asshole I think, pushing my marriage in their face. Now I'm going to try to explain myself here and likely present myself as an asshole to a much larger audience. I feel vulnerable when I'm not wearing my ring and confident when I am. It's a heavy ring, platinum and silver, very comfortable and fits well. It was made by a wonderful and akamai friend as a wedding present. I'm very proud of it. My pride is not meant to be exclusive. I think everyone should be able to marry if they want. I will likely talk about my stance on marriage at another time, this post isn't about that, but about membership in societies.

Jessie and I once had wooden rings we got in Spain. I broke mine catching a Frisbee the week we got back.

A frequent ring I see is the class ring. I never wanted one from high school and I certainly did not want one from my community college.

What groups are you a member that are significant? Do you wear any jewelry that shows your membership?

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april said...

i don't think you sound like an asshole. though, you know, have we ever talked about your views on marriage?

a friend made me a little disk that says "to the earth" on it, and i wear that next to other pendants when i want to feel connected to my tribe.

ha! the captcha word here starts with 'ats' (which is the dance style i practice). neat little coincidence.