November 13, 2006

Virginia is for Losers

Virginia has had a rough string of incidents recently. Here are three.

1. Henry County Police officers arresting dealers, stealing their crop and reselling it to their community. A good friend is from Basset, his response:
Yeah my dad was the only guy of authority on his
floor this morning that
wasnt in custody......
go dad........

2. Mr Utin was arrested for sexing it up with a minor. When I moved from the Blacksburg New School to the public school in 6th grade, of the 12 kids in my class 10 went to Mr Utin. This was a planned event by their parents and for some reason I wasn't included. I went to the Pavlik-Glaser teacher team and the smart kid went to smart teacher. The house we lived in when my I was in middle school was about 4 blocks from his house, he had beautiful gardens.

3. Last on the list for Virginia is Morva. A kid I grew up with in Blacksburg, he lived in my house for a winter, he ate my food and used my toilet paper. He never wore shoes or held a job. He loved to argue and got angry quickly. He laughed very loud and couldn't stand society. One day I woke up with a voice mail from a Christiansburg detective. Now he's an attempted robber and cop killer.
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