June 1, 2010

This is what I think about in my spare time.

I installed WSUS on my WHS. It was the most useful service to run myself. I couldn't find a reason to run DHCP, DNS (for fuxing with wife's internet experience?) and I only run MSE which can't be centrally managed.

Maybe this summer I can get my hands on a Dell Pro x64 installer and bring my HTPC up to speed. After that one plan is to upgrade the WHS to Vail and run a Domain Controller in a VM, join my 3 client machines and then be able to manage them a little bit better.

I think the storage of the My Docs and Desktop will be moved to the server into the user dir and accssed through a mapped drive. This will centralize storage for everyone on my network without having to worry about it.


Jay Bazuzi said...

Hmm, your spare time is a lot like mine.

What does WSUS get you? I wish I had more central control over all the computers on this network, and maybe WSUS would help.

I am holding off on Vail, because it's still in Beta. We rely on our WHS to be ... reliable.

I tried to run it in a VM, just to get a look at it, but running x64 VMs is tricky.

Sandy said...

WSUS gives me little. Actually I am only able to get one machine connected to WSUS right now. Eventually if I can get all 3 client machines connected it'll be useful. Then I may even consider Forefront for the centralized management and that it'll run on WHS. the most it'll give me is the status on updates, what's needed and failed. I don't think it even lets me push updates, just approve them. You can schedule them though.

I'm planning on running Vail on a spare machine when I can find one and doing as much testing as I can so when it goes RTM I won't have to troubleshoot as much.