May 26, 2007

Tobacco state

I had my first, a Camel, when I was 12. I smoked off and on until I was 17 at which point I actually considered myself a smoker. When I was 18 living in Roanoke I was smoking 2 packs every day. I jumped up to Lucky Strikes for 2 weeks until I coughed up blood, then I went back down to Marlboro Reds.
This is what happened next:

Marlboro Reds until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Mediums until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Lights until I got bronchitis
Marlboro Ultra Lights until I got bronchitis
Camel Ultra Lights.

Because my lady smoked them I switched to Winston brand because of their additive free nature. Winstons until I started my job in RVA and remembered what my brother used to smoke. Because I had money to buy them, I started on American Spirits, higher quality tobacco, longer smoke, a better cigarette. When I started really raking it in I switched to the Organic American Spirits which in my opinion has no equal. I loved this cigarette.
I smoked it after every meal, before bed, when I woke up, after brushing my teeth, between tasks at work, when I was bored, after sex, while drinking, after biking up hill, while on the phone, between joints, with friends, once in the shower, a few times in a pool, at clubs, when I was angry, when I was sad, when I was frustrated, when I was happy, when I couldn't breathe, when I was sick. Cigarettes were my delinquent habit. I tried alcohol but was not entirely impressed, I was heavy into several chemicals but they all passed. Cigarettes are my drug of choice.

I've been smoking for 9 years. Tonight marks 1 week without a cigarette.

My thoughts on quitting: It's hard, but not as bad as you think. It's not easy giving up cigarettes. The longer you wait, the harder it will be. You can have every reason in the world to quit, but you can't give it up until you're ready. When you are ready, have the Patch and put it on before the craving sets in. You will cough up x number of years' worth of tar and filth. It's pretty nasty, remember your body does not want this stuff and is trying to heal itself. I love smoking, I miss cigarettes every day, I don't imagine I'll stop wanting them anytime soon if ever. IT'S COMPLETELY WORTH IT.


Jan Bosman said...

Well there's something I can't out-awesome. Fucking way to go, I'm proud of you.

Greg said...

This is like the end of the Cold War: It had to happen eventually, but both sides were willing to let it go on as long as it had to.

Another streak has ended this weekend... I smoked up for the first time in 8 years. You know how the saying goes: When in Amsterdam, do as the Dutch...



congrats arb.

Sandy said...

A smoker quits and a quitter smokes.