May 18, 2007

Sonic Sush

I totally make sushi now. How awesome? VERY.

My mom used to take me to eat sushi whenever we were in Roanoke, when I was about middle school age. That's really where I got my love for it. The chef was kind and would always give me a free sample. Perhaps because I was one of very few young white kids that actually enjoyed his food.

During high school Kroger started carrying sushi, so whenever we would go shopping she and I would buy a roll and share it before we went home. Always a ritual that I shared with her.

Around 5 years ago I started trying to make my own. I read a small 20 page how to manual and knew I was a master. The first rolls were thick layers of rice misrolled around fake crab with some soy sauce. What an insult.

I don't get the opportunity share this with her anymore but these days my rolls are much more appealing. The grocery store in Hilo is kind enough to sell Unagi, so now the rolls include it.
Pictures here is one of the finest rolls and arrangements yet. K was gracious enough to make Wakame. At the bottom are the unagi rolls with unagi nigiri. I think that a lower case "e" would've stood out more, but I trust that K knows what he is doing.

The other special roll that I'm proud of is pictured on the left in the same pic. It is an inside out roll, where the ingredients (which I can't recall) are wrapped in nori which are wrapped in rice topped with thinly sliced avacado. It's a fairly difficult roll to get right and tastes just as good as if it were made any other way, but it's much more aesthetically pleasing.

More pictures of the same meal.

Ninja edit: Sonic Sushi was the handle my friend Russell used in 6th grade when we played Trade Wars

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Anonymous said...

SO IMPRESSED! Come cook for me!

In other news, working on the rss. I'll let you know when it's operational. I suck at technology!