May 23, 2007

Lord of all Macadamia

Before I went on the clock today I asked boss to look after the shop while I ran next door and bought some macadamia nuts. His reply: "You don't need to get more nuts, we get enough nuts coming in here!"

And today was no exception. A sixteen or seventeen year old cutie came in and asked if we were hiring for the summer, I'm pretty sure we're not but I told her to come back during the day so that my boss can tell her. Hell, she's cute enough that he might actually hire her for the next 8 days.

Two hours before closing a Syrian (like Yossarian) came in. I wish I could've recorded him. Something about his family faking his death to claim an inheritance and could I help him buy an industrial ice machine and have it shipped to his friend in Damascus whom he hasn't spoken to in 6 years?

I wish people would let me take their pictures when they sign up for a computer. The internet attracts such an interesting group. I'm just glad I'm here to witness

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