July 11, 2007

I went jet skiing last week. Besides taking me three tries to get on the thing (I tipped over twice and tipped both of us over once (he was very patient)) it was awesome. Adrenaline, fear, excitement. At one point I was looking off in the distance admiring the view. We caught air. We landed. I kissed the back of the driver's vest with my teeth. Otherwise it was a flawless ride.

The guy that gave me a ride was about 300 lbs, a bleached mohawk, several teeth missing and "Sick Puppy" tattooed across his belly. Several days later I found out that Sick Puppy was his ring name when he was a cage fighter.

Sick puppy eh? Got me thinking about what my name would be if I were to enter in that line of work. If you were a cage fighter, what would be your ring name?

Propain (mine)
Kittenvicious (Mrs PI)


Whiskeymarie said...

I like Foxy Firepants
or Pepper Minx.

Jan Bosman said...