July 8, 2007

aloha merch

I really enjoy buying local things for people back on the mainland. Last time I brought bumper stickers, playing cards and chocolate. This time it's Mrs. PrisonIndustry who is going back home.

We just got back from Big Island Candies. The coolest thing they have is chocolate dipped Ika (squid). As you can see, it's dipped in such a manner than it looks roughly like a squid. It's a very interesting mix of flavours, milk chocolate and the salty fish taste of dried squid. This chocolate is divine, but it's no marzipan vagina.

BIC is really expensive though, the entire spread pictured here was about $75.
They're perfect for grandparents and family, but if you want something from me from here it's going to be a jar of honey or an aloha shirt.

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