July 16, 2007


In downtown Hilo there is an indoor gymnasium. It has large glass windows so that while you're working out you can get a view outside.... of the street, not the ocean or the mountains. The people are using treadmills, stair climbers and stationary bikes, all activities that would be much better outside. The doors are open so it's not for the AC and I see them doing this when the weather is nice so they're not avoiding the rain.

Doing any one of those activities outside would give you a chance to:
  • Think because there is no TV blaring at you,
  • Breathe fresh air 'cause you're not in the middle of downtown with all the traffic
  • Not spend money on a free service that nature provides for you
  • Leave society for an hour
  • Understand Aloha
At first I thought that an indoor gym in Hawai'i would be the worst and dumbest ideas ever. However, I walk past this place often and I see lots of people working out so the business must be doing well.
I started wondering if that is truly the way to be successful in business. Design a product that people want but don't need and then charge them for it. Will they opt to pay for an inferior service they could get for free somewhere else?
If so, what other businesses could I start that would follow the same guidelines?
  • Indoor pool
  • Tanning salon
  • Wave machine
  • Rock climbing wall
If you had a reasonable amount of capital, what business would you start?


Jay Bazuzi said...

Salt bath.

Pictures of women in swimwear.

Whiskeymarie said...

I'd sell bottled tap water for $2 a pop.
Oh wait...already done. Damn.

How about a 24-hour "Americans acting British in film" movie theater in London?

I think I'll keep working on this one...

PurgeandSerge said...

sandy! missed you this year, but at least i got to see your chica all week... check out my (new) blog if you want (http://giveitupagain.blogspot.com/)...