September 12, 2006

Southbound pachyderm

We went to the Zoo yesterday. We took my almost 5yr old nephew with us but he was mostly bored. I was thrilled to see all these exotic animals that I would normally never be able to see, like elephants and tigers.
The orangutan were the worst part of the whole trip. We saw one wearing a sack around its shoulders, like a cape. It looked bored. My nephew made a sound loud enough for it to hear, the orangutan looked up and its eyes looks so sad. It must be so bored and lonely. And how creepy must it be to have 3 or 400 people walk by your house and gawk and squeal at seeing you. If the situations were reversed, I know that I'd be wigged out living in an enclosed area and having 300 monkeys look at me everyday. I guess that fear will be a reality one day.

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