September 29, 2006

Nerd today, rich tomorrow

I'm taking a class that lends itself easily to the enrollment of dorks. I don't mind, these are the kids I grew up with, but I no longer feel part of their crowd. They're still playing AD&D, LARPing and debating the newest console games. I never owned a console.

But damn if these guys aren't adorable. There was a bald man wearing a Tshirt bearing the name of this post, a kid with a lisp, a girl with a frumpy butt and frumpy tits who was sweet but makes stupid jokes. The instructor carries the personality of the geek. Obvious statementes are hilarious with these people.

I miss a shot. The response: "Aim higher!" Followed by snickering and a little bit of actual laughter.

Tonight and for the next few weeks I will have a lisp due to my recent piercing. The kid with the natural lisp heard me speaking and joined my group, I suppose feeling some sort of connection because of our impediments. Lisps frustrate me and are just about the cutest thing that can come out of anyone's mouth. Sounds like a child talking, everytime..

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