May 26, 2006

Ive been to hell. I spell it...i spell it dmv

Between Gus and I we've been to the DMV 4 times in the last week to get this title put into my name.

First they said the title was still in his parent's name. So it had to be signed over to him first, he had to get a new title then he can sign it to me. But it's never that easy.

Today we went together hoping that we could get it taken care. and we were so close! The wonderful chimpanzie behind the counter mentioned that the VIN did not match. What's that you say? These sorts of things don't change very often or easily.

The title had been folded during its life and the crease of the fold fell directly on the last character, a number 1. Pretty much any other character, except perhaps a lower case L, would have survived enough to be legible. Oh no.

A blank power of attorney is all that we gained from that trip.

Sid and I shared some sausages wrapped in pancakes chased with cigarettes, breakfast for her, dinner for me. The trip was not an entire loss.

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