December 23, 2006

Got a new toy last week: an Averatec laptop. So far so good, it's nice to have my own computer to install apps on. I must admit that I've been pirating again, of course only the essentials. Seriously, it's all been stuff that I've wanted for several months that local libraries don't carry. As if that justifies it

A year ago I had 8 machines, a week ago I had none. Getting rid of my last laptop was a mistake but an interesting experience. I know that for the rest of my life I will be surrounded by computers as they are a passion, necessity and a living for me. So going 2 months without a computer was nice but difficult. Email was a pain, I had to log into every site I haunt every time I visited them.

Combined with Skype this will be a method of communication between and my lady while I'm in Hawaii and she says back to take care of the dogs.

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