August 27, 2006


The misses and I fired up the old $1.25 for the bus yesterday morning and headed to PAX to see the g33ks, nerds and the Front. Wild eyed and a little nervous, I walked up the first flight of stairs in the convention hall. At the table at the top was none other than McF and his mother. He was very kind and so was his mother (she helped my lady try on shirts until finding one that fit well). I was able to get him to sign a dollar bill, I shook his hand and we were on our way.

Although this was the 3rd PAX and the biggest yet, there was quite a bit of chaos. So very many people were stressed out, Enforcers were indifferent and on the move. There were not enough computers, consoles or vendors to keep everyone occupied. Lines for the consoles were 45 minutes for 30 minutes of game play.

The lines for the games didn't bother me too much, I'm pretty much retired from gaming and I'm certainly not up on the newest games by any stretch. What did bother me was the vendors and the clips for the newest games. The previews for the new games once again didn't show any actual game footage, only cut scenes. As we all know, cutscenes are not the game.
As for the games I actually got to sample, well, I don't remember the names of them. In fact I never got the name of the in the beginning to forget. NVIDIA had a table with 10 or so machines each with a different game, all demonstrating the wonderful powers of their newest cards. However, they didn't have any labels stating the names of either the games or the specific model cards they were running. It could've been a really great chance for people to test out the new cards with the newest games to see if that's what they wanted. But with no information about what was running, it was very difficult to make any decisions.

Vendors were there only to sell. No real discussion of their product, only buzzwords. Plus I didn't win one of the fancy new cards. bleh.

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