August 23, 2007

Market day

There are several farmer's markets in the area and we're thinking about having a booth. We're brainstorming ideas of things to sell. So far the only thing I have is to sell Popsicles. My mom used to make Popsicles for us when we were young. I think she did it really cheap, juice concentrate in deep ice cube trays. It costs $50 for the booth so we'd need to make enough money to cover the cost of the booth, the gas and the juice.

Another idea I had, because I don't konw the availability of power to the booths, was to get a bunch of potatoes and link them all together to provide enough power to run a computer that could be demoed for sale. If we sell the computer for $400 we'd be in good shape and the pop sickle sales would be pure profit.

The last idea I had is selling revenge disease. I'm sick right now. I could sneeze into a jar and sell it for $5, "Pour this into someone's drink and they'll be useless for 3 or 4 days"

Other things I know how to do:
Sushi, out of the question because everyone else on the island can make it better than me
Burritos, probably not want people want at the market
Fix computers, farmer's market might not be the best place

If you had to sell something at a booth, what would it be?


Anonymous said...

I'd go for making jam, or maybe homemade candied lemon peel. Something from your garden. It can be super easy, but people love that stuff!

Sandy said...

See, now you can't just tell me to make Candied Lemon Peel without directions. At least give me a starting point.

Can anyone used a canner before? My grandmother is offering me one.

Whiskeymarie said...

Me, personally- I'd sell something baked, like cookies.
Huge profit margin there. You could sell a decent-sized cookie for 75 cents or a dollar, and bigger ones for more. Said cookie would cost approx. 12-15 cents to make. You have to sell a bunch of them, but they're easy easy easy to make.
That's my only idea- sorry.

Greg said...

maybe cut up the fruit and sell it that way.

Sandy said...

Cookies sound like a pretty good idea, although it's always been hit or miss with me as far as quality.

Selling fruit won't work because it's a local farmer's market. Locals don't buy fruit, only tourists.

Whiskeymarie said...

If you need a recipe and tips, just sling me an e-mail. But my feelings won't be hurt if you do something else.
I'm still trying to think of other options...