August 14, 2007

Come semi-circle

My internet friend WM's post about writing letters came to fruition. I received it today with much excitement, I walked out to the mailbox eating a slice of salted and garlicked pumpkin. It had a rad envelope with a goat and a monkey.
Reading someone else's handwriting is a treat for me. I work and play on a computer, spending about 75% of my waking hours in front of one. I have atrocious penmanship and I don't write many letters. My mom made me write my grandparents once a month when I was growing up, I hated it because I never had anything to say: I'm going to school, I have friends, I wish I was older so I could have a car. Of course my grandparents loved it or pretended to because about a week afterwards I would always receive a check for $20.

I don't write letters, I send care packages with local only goods. My offer, in an effort to pay it forward, is to send you a package. If only a few people respond then you get nicer things, if I get 10 people asking, well then that gets expensive and you all get sampler size of Hawai'i

1 comment:

Whiskeymarie said...

How exciting to see that it reached you!
And, I was really excited to have a relevant use for the goat sticker- finally.

Glad you liked it.