August 23, 2007

Deputy Puppy

I've been watching a lot of tricks videos recently, like Le Parkour. Things that take years, one's youth, to learn. I love 'em.

When I was growing up I had several bikes, my family were avid bikers and I was never without one. Unless it was one of those special days I came home to find that my mom had sold my bike, why? Because someone needed it more than me. This happened twice.
My bikes have sold, stolen, rusted out and outgrown. Now I barely ride. Still love the videos though:

My dad tried to learn juggling at one point, I remember he always had the bean sacks in his office at work but I never saw him juggling. The only memory I have of my mom juggling is when she was an extra in Oliver twist, she was juggling handkerchiefs.
This is Tim Kelly, the champion of three ball juggling:

This is perhaps a more famous video set to a Beatles tune that everyone seems to love. I read somewhere that this guy has been doing the same routine for 20 years, but damn it's still pretty good.

I don't dance very often but when I get to it nothing can stop me, I'm usually in my own corner of the floor doing my thing for as long as I can stand it or until I make little girls cry.
Here's a shitty quality, but awesome DDR video. I love how he glides across the floor.

I'm not sure who said that Rhythmics is easy, but you're wrong:

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