August 22, 2007

do yourself a flavor

Yesterday my boss gave me avocados, 3 of them, from her garden. Immediately after, her son gave me sugar cane. Raw sugarcane can be chewed on: peel the bark off and bite down and suck the juice out, it's like sugar water. Unfortunately the sweetness doesn't last long so after about 30 seconds you realize you're chewing on tree branch

The house we're in right now has tons of fruit and vegetables in the back yard. One week it was cherry tomatoes, another pumpkins, then pineapples, I think last week was oranges and now we're back to cherry tomatoes again.

Anyone that has ever lived in a this kind of lifestyle knows the windfall of each fruit when they come in to season. Many people struggle to meet the demands of having to eat 4 pineapples in a week. I love it. I will happily eat 5 or 6 oranges in a day if they're available. This is the best food on earth as far as I'm concerned: organic, local and free.

I've been sick the last few days, today being probably the worst. There's so much stuff inside of me trying to get out. It's coming through more orifices than usual. My nose and throat being the more than usual. I'm pretty sure it's my body continuing to adjust to not smoking anymore so I'm not too upset, it's a just a shitty process.

Hobbes is making ginger tea for me, and I just added grated sugarcane to it. I'm looking forward to it.

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