August 12, 2007

Paradigm Shift

I have a new email address. I'm guessing everyone that sends me email reads my blog as well so this can be my big coming out party. We'll see.

My new address is: myfirstname [at] mylastname dot com got it? Mind you this is not mylegalfirstname@mylastname. If this is too complicated for you or you don't know my last name leave a comment and I'll get back to you. This is also a great opportunity and excuse to send me an email and say hi if it's been a long time since we've talked. I would love to hear from you. YES YOU

Here are some statistics from my current email:
  • I am currently using 1977 MB (68%) of your 2887 MB. ::flex::
  • I have 2671 emails archived
  • I signed up for gmail on 08/24/04
Here's why I'm switching addresses:

This thanksgiving when I'm in NC with my paternal family, I along with my brother will be pushing the entire family to switch to a family based online presence managed by me and him. This isn't exciting to anyone else and that's fine.

We're using Google Apps, which gives you free hosting among other things like gmail, docs and calendar to share with everyone in the domain. This is just about perfect for a small business or family to keep in contact. Of course with free hosting it's perfect for anyone that wants a small domain of their own.

If anyone is interested in running their own site, Google Apps is what I recommend, it's a great place to start. If you read all the instructions and would still like some help, give me a shout and I'll be happy to lend a hand.

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