August 6, 2007

Word to your mother

Some people don't realize that the word irregardless is over redundant. I used to really enjoy word play and grammar, often correcting people on their grammar (what an asshole thing to do). These days I try really hard not to correct anyone, mainly because mine has turned to poop.
We decided to provide other options for the over redundant uses of regardless:
  • abregardless
  • aregardless
  • nonregardless
  • deregardless
  • reregardless
  • unregardless
  • antiregardless
  • disregardless
  • preregardless
You're welcome world / Webster.


Whiskeymarie said...

Preregardless of this post, I am all disregardless of bad grammar.

Sandy said...

awesome. Added them both

Greg said...

diregardless sounds just as ridiculous. My independent research shows that while irregardless is a word, it's use spawned from irrespective in the early 20th century. Anytime I used to let irregardless slip out I would die a little inside and hope I never made the same error in grammar again.

Sandy said...

Irregardless is a word, I'm not denying that. I'm just saying it's a double negative and over redundant.

Everytime I see your face I die a little inside