January 29, 2007

Jim Fixx foreshadowing

I've given up on a car here, so I'm biking everywhere. I make sure to bike at least once a day, sometimes twice. When I'm working it usually is a 5 minute downhill bike to work and a 20 minute uphill bike home. I arrive sweating and out of breathe and I love it.
On my days off I usually try to run some errands. The last couple of days this has meant riding out to the mall. It's a nice ride, a bit dicey at times because there isn't always a bike lane and there is often obstacles, but it feels good to soak up the sun and get the fresh air.

As part of my exercise routine I try to go swimming in our pool at least twice a week, and go to the beach at least once a week. Even if I don't spend much time in the water it's a good workout for my whole body. Water provides resistance in every direction. Usually getting to the beach is a workout in itself.

Today I biked out to the mall and bought a battery charger then downtown to grab my first pair of flippers and a body board, on the way I bought Teflon spray for my bike chain. Then I biked home. I'm about to head out again to see a movie.

When I was in Sweden and all the way up until my parents divorced I rode my bike everywhere. I was in pretty good shape, I could do tricks on my bike and was quite nimble. I'd forgotten how much I love riding bikes and it's really nice that this has been just another benefit of moving here.
We don't have a scale, so I don't know how much weight I've lost, but I've lost 2 inches off my waist since arriving.

The last few times in my life I remember being in good shape were:

at The Mountain, before I was smoking, I was walking up and down the mountain twice, sometimes thrice a day. I was probably 14

My senior year of HS I lifted weights every day in gym. No cardio, but supreme upper body strength.

The first summer I spent with my dad in Spain. I walked no <5 hours / day.

4. The 4 hellish months I worked at ASR. I worked 12-15 hours/day trucking boxes of cable up 4 flights of stairs and doing the army crawl under houses.

Here. Now. Hawaii.

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