January 21, 2007


Back online. We've been here almost two weeks and it finally got installed today. Haven't been able to do any speeds tests but that would silly right now. Both Hobbes and I are downloading and catching up on everything we've missed out on. The two weeks before we left we were most in Florida or on the road so to have a chance to actually sit down and cruise the net is a long time coming.
The downtime I spent reading the help files for several of the programs I installed prior to leaving (how exciting). Because Google is really big on integration of their services, I can now publish photos on the web via Picasa. So my photos will be hosted here: http://picasaweb.google.com/bazuzi/
I will probably update the pics as often as this blog.

Currently Spinning: Bassline Pressure-mixed by Mj Cole\01 Wind Ya Neck In , Bucci Bag (A Cappella).mp3

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