January 20, 2007


Today I was working on a computer, Windows reported as having 192mb of ram, an odd number to have but that didn't bother me. I opened up the case to find one 512 and another 128 installed. I upgraded the 128 to another 512. System still reported 192mb. Odd.

Luckily, I happened to be editing the boot.ini file to remove an erroneous entry from the last windows install. hmmm, what's this here? at the end of the entry I find an option:

a quick Google finds this MS page, written by SysInternals. It explains the options you can use int he boot.ini file.

This option, as it would seem, limits Windows to 192mb of ram regardless of how much is installed. Delete this option and Lo! 1gb of ram. Quite a difference.

Don't nag me about the entertainment level of my posts.

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