January 22, 2007

Grinding it out

You are reading the blog of the new CEO, CFO and CIO of the Forget Me Nots Co. I also have a bank account at the First Hawaiian bank.

This afternoon I climbed up and jumped off the waterfall behind our house. Shown here:
From Kaiulani
It doesn't look that big, it's only 10 or 12 ft. above water level, but it took me ten minutes staring down at the water to work up the courage to do it. Once I leapt and saw the water rushing up at me my joy with this island has reached a new high.

After that I had a piece of Kahlua cream pie and another glass of wine.

My boss's wife wanted to move somewhere else. He responded: "Find me somewhere better and we'll move tomorrow."
I'm feeling the same way. The rest of the world should know, Hawaii is wonderful. It's reasonable to move here as long as you have a plan. The Hawaiian way of life won't make you rich, but your quality of life will rise.

My cousin Andrew, before I left, asked me why doesn't everyone move to Hawaii? At the time I guessed it had something to do with money or perhaps hostility with the locals. Neither of these are the case. The lifestyle here is slowed down, no one is in a rush to do much of anything. I still hear people wishing each other happy new year 22 days after it's begun. Everyone here is nice. Everyone gives the right of way. I've come across several children in strollers alone, their parents walked off for a few minutes to pay the check, and no one bothers them.

I'm not sure why everyone doesn't move here.

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