February 5, 2007

Do or Do Not. There is also Try.

Last week I bought a boogie board and flippers. Today Kev and I headed to Richardson's Beach.
It was the longest bike ride I think I've made here, yes I know it's only 6 miles; but I'm a big dude.

We arrived and Kev went to study, I decided I needed to try out my new board. I guessed at how to wax it and I guessed again on how to attach the tether.

This is no shock to anyone: I don't know how to boogie board. I spent about 45 minutes paddling around trying to figure out how the other boarders seemed so weightless on the waves. Most of my time was spent swimming away from rocks and other boarders so as not to encroach on their space / waves. My ankles are not strong enough yet to effectively use flippers.

"Maybe you're too big to boogie board." From someone close to me and it took away the rest of my confidence for the afternoon. The rest of the afternoon I napped and worked on my tan.


kevin said...

Ferreal, man, all these 10-year-olds just jump in the water and splash around on their boards like they were riding them out at birth.

Smug little bastards. Well, they'll get old and die sooner or later.

Sandy said...

They'll know to fear me when I don my meat boxing gloves and go to work.

The fountain of age is filled with beef syrup. My cup runneth over and if some of the children get caught in the crossfire...