February 27, 2007

Today I didn't even have to use my A.K.

Today was not a very good day. I woke up later than i wanted. The inertia to get ready to go to the beach was overwhelming. My plan was to go surfing because I don't know when my next day off will be and I really wanted to catch another wave, after my first one.
So I rose at 10. I ate breakfast and played TW, until about 11:30. I finally assembled my gear and was ready to leave and it started to rain. As it started to clear up, my brother called. We spoke for half an hour and then Jessie called. At that point I thought the universe was telling me to stay home. She persuaded me to actually get out of the house, which I really needed. The sky was still overcast as it has been since she left last week.

I finally left the house at 1:30 and biked to Honoli'i Beach. I was hoping because it was a Monday it would be fairly deserted, nope. There were probably about 30 surfers present doing some amazing things. I decided to swim off to the side so that I didn't get in any one's way while I am still learning. I ended up so far off to the side that I put myself in a fairly dangerous position, the waves were pretty big and they were pushing me towards the rocks. I spent most of my time swimming away from the rocks, like every other time. I was so tired by the time I made it back to safety that I decided to call it quits because I still had to bike home. After showering and changing clothes I got on my bike and the sun came out. In my eyes, another instance telling me to go home.

I made it home, ordered a pizza and watched a terrible movie. My neighbor's dog ran into the house and ate a slice while I was outside. I would've starting drinking but it was 4 o'clock. Now I have an indeterminate number of days of work in front of me.

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