February 17, 2007


Aphex Twin - Windowlicker is my favorite song. I know this, I've loved it for a number of years, I've never grown tired of it, it always makes me feel better. Tool has a similar effect for a lot of people, they listen to it when they're tired and upset or lonely.

Pinback is some of the best music I've ever heard. Usually suited for slow times in the evenings, but it's one of the few bands that can actually bring tears to my eyes with the sounds that they make. I used to listen to it in rva when I was drinking or when I came home from work in the morning and was not feeling right.

Mindless self indulgence always makes me a little more energetic and often makes me laugh 'cause of their silly lyrics. They're one of the more original bands that I know of.

NIN is also an all time favorite and has been since my brother made me watch my first video of his (Why are so many youtube videos such low quality?). Iif you haven't caught the new nin tracks they're called: My Violent Heart and Survivalism. YearZero due out in April.

We rented a car this week while the fiance is here and it has a radio. It's difficult to listen to the radio any other time so this is a treat. Hawaii has a ton of radio stations that Sublime, Brother Iz, and other typical island music. Today I heard a song called Hilo Rain. It's neat hearing a song written about the place you live in. Sure there are many of them about NY, San Francisco, LA and Miami, but I've never lived in them. No one ever sang about Blacksburg or Lund, I'm sure rva has been mentioned in some rhymes but nothing I've ever heard of.

Primus did a song called You Can't Kill Michael Malloy, read Micael Malloy's Wikipus, interesting stuff.

Finally, I've been playing this browser based game called Tribal Wars, if you feel like joining I'm playing on World 4. Happy to give an invite.

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