January 29, 2011

Saturday adventure

This week I got paid and felt rich, I wanted to spend money! I reigned myself in and examined what I really wanted, to buy something, and what I didn't, to buy something new & spend all my money. There is a place that satisfies these needs: The Thrift Store.

I frequent my neighborhood store a couple of times a month, so for this occasion I wanted to expand. I decided on a Tour de Thrift de Springfield. I Googled Thrift Store and noted 4 shoppes in my area. Turns out that Google lumps in the corporate headquarters of the Good Will and the Adult Care Service Center of the Salvation Army as thrift stores, so my neighborhood shop is the only one in my area.

I found matching dog bowls for my HB. An elongated photo frame for Thing-A-Day week and Jessie picked up a pair of nice mugs from Japan and some OT stuff for her kids.

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