January 22, 2011

New England

  1. If you want to talk to your friends please do so on a sidewalk and not in the middle of the street.
  2. When you run a red light, don't turn your head away from me pretending like you didn't know; you've already run a red light and created a dangerous situation, now watch where you are going.
  3. After a snow storm there are large snow drifts on each corner and the normally small lanes are bottle necked further. If the maintenance crews have not plowed the sidewalks, this means that perhaps it isn't a good day to go running, or maybe a different path is the best choice, running in traffic isn't.
  4. Please stop cutting every single corner.
  5. Turn signals and blind spots, your car has them.
  6. Right of way exists to prevent accidents.
  7. Wait your turn, if you can't cross 2 lanes of traffic please don't block all traffic until a spot opens up. Your wait has now evolved into 10 people waiting for you.
  8. Your dog poops! Picking up after it is part of the responsibility of caring for a dog.
  9. Look both ways before crossing the street.
  10. Springfield is not your trashcan.

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