January 28, 2011

Decade man please listen.

20's guy

Doesn't know how to do laundry

Eats spaghetti-Os,

Once a month he gets a check from his mom, but the other three and a half weeks it's like "c'mon man, this isn't what I expected out our freiendhsip." all of his jokes are quotes form Family guy.

30's guy wear's a shirt and tie to work,

Realizes you have to make your own life happen

Talks about W2 and health insurance. Does his dishes and cleans his house. Calls his family on the weekend. Has gone through all the lessons 20's guy has done. He's done being a frat guy fucking off and is ready to be an adult.

40's guy

Doesn't necessarily know what he wants to be when he grows up but that's ok, he's figured out how to take deep breathes, and appreciate what you have. Being content with what you have.

I learned everything I really needed to know and am now ready to rule and destroy.

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