February 1, 2011

Oil tools

Like many, I have a tool box of mixed and matched tools assembled slowly over time and from various sources; a tool box from dad, wrenches from friends, pliers from family, and some of the wife's tools all combined into our well stocked toolbox.

Last summer I found some 3 in 1 oil in my mother-in-law's garage not being used. I put it to use on our tools. First I scrubbed everything down with steel wool, then oiled the hinges and worked it in to make sure everything opens and closes easily. I cleaned off all the grime and lastly left a thin cover of oil over all the exposed metal parts.

A little bit of elbow grease went a long way to restoring these tools and preserving them for my future. I think a strong collection of tools can not only be useful in life but also an important gift to my kids.

I  can live easily without tools, I did for years. I didn't notice what needed fixing or if I did just didn't fix it. Having the tools means I now put them to work. As soon as I begin fixing I get into the habit of it and start fixing everything I can. I carry a Leather person on me at work now and I suffer when I leave it at home.

Thing-a-day day one is a success.  I was let go early from work early today, so I was able to flush out day one well and start off with success.

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